Sales and Marketing in Central and East Europe:

  • Sales and placement of products
  • Set up business and budget plans
  • Product and market research
  • Price inquiry
  • Long and short list of target customers
  • Samples, marketing- and sales documents
  • Product presentation
  • In-house customer appointments
  • Training of the sales team
  • Reporting
  • Marketing and PR support

Our business model for short term cooperation:

  • Establish the needs from our clients
  • Conduct market research
  • Establish a long list of potential customers in the territory agreed
  • Supply a short list of maximum 3-5 target customers
  • Initial meetings for the principal
  • Hand over of material and findings from agency to client

This service is based on a daily fee which depends on work load, man power & travel expenses

Our business model for long term cooperation:
All services included in the short term cooperation and in addition:

  • Conduct talks and negotiations until a deal has been signed
  • Establish a business plan for each country
  • Setting up a budget for the principal and control spent over the years
  • Conduct with high level meetings with the customer in each country to control sales
  • Weekly reporting by phone & monthly reports in writing
  • Attending quarterly meeting – Research and introduce new products – supply NPD ideas
  • Feed back from the markets

This service is based on a monthly flate fee & commission on all net sales & share of travel expenses – tbd